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Event 2020
Heartshow 2020

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Artcamp 2020

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Heartshow 2022

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Our Motto: Being the


Coffee with Creativity is a platform that brings together all creative people, irrespective of their field. The platform is for all kinds of creative souls, whether they are professionals, amateurs, hobby artists, or just art lovers, of any age or whomsoever.

About the Founder

History of CWC

Our goal is to create a united network of people who are involved in art, whether as creators or admirers.

Appreciation Corner

Happy Artists, Admirers and Visitors of CWC

  • Dhyana DaveDhyana DaveParticipant

    I am in the 9th standard, and I do paintings, glass paintings and doodle art. The CWC team has given me constant motivation and experience since I joined in 2019, and has provided me with a wonderful platform of the heART Show.

  • Jignya ShahJignya ShahArtist

    I am a handicraft hobby artist and CWC is most happening artist group I know. Creative events regularly happen, and the one I liked the most was the Repainting of Canvases during the heART Show by visitors. These paintings were touched up by CWC artists and sold for underprivileged children. I would love to work with the group in the future for their noble activities and learn from senior artists.

  • Paresh DaveParesh DaveParent

    My daughter has been a member of CWC for 3 years, but I actually got to experience the CWC culture in the 2022 heART Show. It was amazing to see the whole team working selflessly and honestly. The dedication, intent to do their best, and equality are at its peak in CWC. It has been a huge learning experience as I need to learn patience and perfection. I am looking forward to an exciting journey ahead with CWC.

  • Jayana ShahJayana ShahArtist

    I am an artist, painting on various mediums… fine arts, fashion designing, multimedia, and folk and semi classical dance. My passion is to beautify my surroundings; make it look unique and creative. Coffee With Creativity is a wonderful group surrounded by a lot of creative people.It has given me an identity as an artist and has escalated my talent to another level. The wonderful activities like the heART Show and philanthropic activities helped to broaden my view in understanding and contributing to my community.

4000+ artists have joined our mission