Who we are?

Coffee with Creativity is a platform that brings together all creative people, irrespective of their field. The platform is for all kinds of creative souls, whether they are professionals, amateurs, hobby artists, or just art lovers, of any age or whomsoever. Our goal is to make art accessible and available to all, designing a single space for artists and art lovers to connect and help one another thrive.

Our Motto

OUR DREAM is that every person in the world

who has creativity in them

can receive the inspiration and support they need

to grow and fly, STRESS FREE

What we stand for?

Many people cannot be open about their artistic talents, but CWC provides a platform for creativity to get them going and growing.
Our mission is to help our creative souls accomplish four things:


Productive use of time


Stress-busting activities


Supportive friends and network


From family, friends and society at large

CWC History

30th May 2014
The Bigining

Coffee with Creativity has its first meeting with a vision: Different creative people meet and share what they’re doing and to learn more about the events in the city.

5th June 2014
Going Online
Going Online

The online Facebook and WhatsApp community are launched for the first time, building a community that expands beyond regional and local limits.

24 June 2015
CWC turns 1

The First Mega Show is organised to celebrate completion of one year. With regular meetings and online engagement, the community is growing, proof that many people share the same vision.

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Breaking Boundaries

The number of creative souls participating in the meetings grows constantly, and the online community grows to become first a national, then an international presence.

07-09 Feb 2020
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First heARTShow

The very first heARTShow takes place with a mission to present as many varieties of art as possible, spanning all mediums of art and ages of artists.

10 March 2020
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CWC gives back to the community by starting NGO-based activities. Artists unite to paint the walls for NGO.

27 March 2020
sub title
Locked Down

Immediately after the lockdown, CWC launches Online Daily Topic Expressions, with daily topics provided to inspire artists to share work. Artists who presented over 50, 100 and 150 works were given recognition.

sub title
Corona Warriors

CWC recognises the efforts of everybody who contributed to the community during the pandemic as a Corona Warrior. Certificates and medals provided to honour them.

15 February 2021
sub title
Mini heARTShow
Mini heARTShow

To celebrate gradual return to normal life after COVID, artists collected to paint together over 2 days and present their work. Each artist also mentored one child from NGO for painting.

November 2021
sub title
Online Competitions

Online competitions are launched with a month-long rangoli competition organised to encourage artists to submit creative and unique designs.

25–29 March 2022
sub title
Second heARTShow

The show introduces live workshops by members, online international art competition with global participation, the Creative Tree, and the iconic wings for the selfie zone, followed by a ceremony to recognise the efforts of all members of CWC.

April 2022
sub title
Summer Camps

Stepping up the philanthropic activities, CWC launches summer camps to help thousands of people at innumerable NGOs.

5–12 June 2022
sub title
Vishala Meetup

All artists gather, regardless of experience level, to encourage use of watercolour as a medium. The beautiful location is sketched by all artists using watercolours and presented at Vishala’s gallery.

16–20 December 2023
sub title
Third heARTShow

The show introduces live dance performances, the introduction of Masterpiece Mashup and Talent Hunt with NGOs followed by a ceremony to recognise the efforts of all members of CWC.

5 February 2023
sub title
Live Portrait

A live art camp is organised at CN School of Fine Arts. Several members, including some legendary artists meet to enjoy to the melodies of a flute artist and sketch him live.

19 February 2023
sub title
Thol Art Camp

The Thol Lake Art Camp is organised for members to gather in the scenic landscape to combine a variety of mediums, drawing inspiration from nature and each other.

18 June 2023
Sub title
Entering Year 10

The CWC family gathers to celebrate nine years of creativity, philanthropy, inspiration and mutual support.

27–29 October 2023
sub title
First Masterpiece Mashup Exhibition

Legendary artists of CWC repaint canvases from the heARTShow I Can Paint Zone and organise an exhibition to sell art pieces at reduced rates to raise funds for NGOs.

About Founders

Neha shah & Nirav Shah

Neha & Nirav Shah

Neha and Nirav Shah are a dynamic pair with a passion for cartooning and doodling, whose efforts extend to far-reaching fields. Their work spans across real estate, design, life mentorship, philanthropy, fitness, and creativity through a variety of institutions and organisations: