CWC Terms and Conditions

  • Only personal creativity can be posted. No forwards are allowed.
  • Philanthropic activities can be shared, since impacting the society in positive ways is so nice.
  • Maximum 5 images/messages per day can be posted.
  • No chatting is allowed on the group. Neither is wishing of birthdays or anniversaries allowed.
  • Many times we pick a topic for the day on which every one can try to express, but it is not compulsory and any if one’s personal creativity can be shared too on that day.
  • For detailed information or communication, one can directly get in touch with the other group members.
  • Since the mission of the group is to encourage others, appreciating others work is highly recommended and allowed. *The same be done via REPLY PRIVATELY option to avoid traffic on the group.*
  • Whenever there will be programs like meetings, workshops on Creativity, Life, Marketing, Creative tours, PHILANTHROPIC activities etc., you shall be informed of the same. We normally try to meet atleast once in 15 days.
  • If there is any creative event or another creative groups activity or your personal creative workshops that you want to share with others on this group, the same can be sent to the admin, and he/she will broadcast the same for you amongst the group members. Ideally you should not directly post it on the group.
  • In CWC, creative ideas are welcome from each materials, be it POP, FRP, Clay, Cake, Soap, Wax, Chocolate paste etc., but just simple shapes like a square, oval, cylinder etc. don’t qualify as Creativity, they are more like simple casting jobs…and are not welcome!
  • Incase you want to announce a workshop of your skills, you are welcome to announce it by first sharing with CWC admin, and later share on the group once approved. Ones wanting to enroll, will kindly register directly with you, without loading the group with messages. CWC will also help promote it for you by directly messaging each group member.
  • Incase the above guidelines one forgets initially or due to fast pace of the social media world, CWC s management will softly remind you of the same. 😄
  • Any nature of loses or harm during online or offline interactions will not be the liability of CWC.
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Note: The above norms are subject to change

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